Harmony OS: Huawei’s Operating System


On 9 August 2019, Huawei initially released their Harmony OS(Operating System) at their developer conference. The CEO of Huawei business consumer group, Richard claims that the Harmony OS is faster, efficient, and safer than Android OS(Operating System). So here you will know everything about the Operating System.

Why Huawei needs to develop the OS?

It seems like google cut off the ties with Huawei last year after the US government prevented Huawei from buying components from American Companies, that means Huawei can only use the public version of Android OS(Operating System) but can’t use google apps and services like play store, Gmail, YouTube and google maps, etc.

Few specs about the OS(Operating System)

Harmony OS(Operating System) Huawei is an open-source, cross-platform operating system developed by Huawei. It is a microkernel-based operating system, distributed operating system designed to deliver a new user experience across all devices and scenarios. Huawei claims that the Harmony OS(Operating System) is way better than Android.

Why Harmony OS(Operating System) is better than Android?

  • Android is based on Linux kernel where the Harmony is based on a microkernel, the microkernel is better and efficient in terms of performance.
  • it is a multi-platform operating system that means write once run it on any screen like tablet, watch, tv, smartphone, anywhere.
  • It comes with a “Deterministic Latency Engine”, which provides a minimum latency and smooth inactive experience.
  • Huawei app gallery, Huawei owns its app store known as the app gallery. Huawei is doing its best to allow developers to develop apps and put them on the App gallery.
  • In terms of security, as Huawei claims, they have deployed a formal verification method and restricted root access.

Availability of Harmony operating System

It is designed for IoT hardware, till now the OS is available for smart TV, in-car entertainment, and wearable devices.

Harmony OS(Operating System) for Smartphones

Huawei officially hasn’t announced that the upcoming smartphone of Huawei will come with the Harmony OS(Operating System). They said they are ready with their OS but the priority is Android because they have a partnership with Google. Huawei clearly said if google will ban them completely, then they have their Harmony OS(Operating System) ready for smartphones. So maybe we can see a smartphone soon with harmony os.

Developer Support

Harmony OS is an open-source project the same as Android. Huawei mentioned that it will allow the developers to develop great and efficient applications for the Harmony OS.

Bottom line

Huawei clearly said that they are not competing with Android but the next generation of Android which is Google Fuchsia OS maybe. Huawei is doing better in the field of technology, in the future probably Huawei can become a competitor of Google.

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