Maharashtra SSC HSC Board Latest Announcement 2021 By Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad

India, News Mar 21, 2021
Maharashtra SSC HSC Board

The Maharashtra School Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad had declared that the students appearing for the upcoming Class X and XII board exams will get an extra 30 minutes to write the 80-mark theory papers.
Gaikwad also announced a number of other concessions for the students appearing for the upcoming Class X, XII written and practical board examinations in April-May 2021

Maharashtra SSC and HSC Examinees will get extra 30 minutes : Maharashtra Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad

Varsha Gaikwad Maharashtra Education minister
Maharashtra Education minister Varsha Gaikwad

Varsha Gaikwad had said that the students were unable to get the writing practice needed to write the 3 hour long exams due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gaikwad also said that since the school had been closed for the better part of the year and the students were not able to prepare to their full potential, hence they deserve some concessions from the Maharashtra Education Board. She added that as assured before, students would be given an extra 30 minutes for 80 mark papers and extra 15 minutes for 40-50 mark papers.
Along with the added time, Gaikwad also ensured the students that they would give their board exams in their own school and the exams would be held offline only.

Maharashtra SSC HSC Time Table 2021

Maharashtra SSC HSC exams date
School Students

The Maharashtra School Education Minister also confirmed the Maharashtra SSC HSC Time Table 2021 and said that the SSC exams will be held offline between April 29 to May 20 and the HSC exams will also be held offline from April 23 to May 21.

Mrs. Gaikwad also confirmed that they will not conduct the science practical exams for SSC and will be replaced by internal assignments, which will be submitted after the written exams, from May 21-June 10.
“The assignments will be conducted in their respective schools and if any student falls sick during this submission period, an additional grace period of 15 days will be granted,” said Gaikwad

“As the practicals in Class XII, HSC are important and necessary for further professional courses, the practicals will still take place but we will limit the number to 5 or 6 experiments in a practical for science students,” told Varsha Gaikwad
“And for Arts, Commerce, and vocational courses, home-based assignment tests would once again replace the practicals,” added the minister

Other Special Concessions along with extra time

Students will also be given other special concessions, for example, if students are not able to appear for the exams due to Covid infection or containment restrictions, they will be allowed to appear for the special exam scheduled in June.
“The curriculum was already cut by 25% due to the COVID-19 situation and the question paper will be set according to the reduced syllabus,” the state education minister told the reporters.


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