MIUI 12 Global: Upgraded Custom Skin By Xiaomi

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Xiaomi’s developers have started work on MIUI 12, and an official of MIUI had already announced the release date of MIUI 12 along with the new features. Xiaomi was founded in 2010.

If you are an existing customer of Xiaomi, then you might have noticed a pattern from MIUI 7 to MIUI 11. It all started with MIUI 7 when its interface was completely changed after updating to MIUI 8. But then, there were no major differences in terms of looks between MIUI 8 and MIUI 9. Then again, the interface including icons, animation, app design was completely changed with the release of MIUI 10. The pattern was repeated again with the release of MIUI 11, which was almost similar to MIUI 10. In summary, it is generally seen that Xiaomi completely redesigns its interface and looks after every 2 years. In the same vein, there might some major changes in the upcoming MIUI 12.

Here we will list down all the major expected updates in MIUI 12 and the smartphones compatible with the new MIUI. 

1. Launcher and Gesture

Finally, Xiaomi might add an app drawer in their system launcher. There will be little changes in the icons, but the prime focus of Xiaomi will be on animation and smooth gestures.

You can see the gesture bar on the navigation panel the same as iOS 13. Using which you can control your smartphone through these gestures. All the gestures will be super smooth unlike the ones in MIUI 11. The gestures of MIUI 11 were patchy and unresponsive, but the gestures of the updated UI will be smooth as well as responsive. MIUI 12 is also filled with gestures, ranging from recent apps menu to open or close an app.

2.Dark Mode

With the new update, we get the full support of dark mode in the system apps. Meanwhile, if the panel of your Xiaomi device is AMOLED then you will get an option of dark mode 2.0. Dark mode 2.0 provides the functionality of pixel-level darkness to the user. With the exception of fonts and contents, the complete background will be painted pitch black on enabling the dark mod 2.0.

3. Background brightness

The brightness of background wallpaper will get brighter or dimmer depending on whether it is day or night. The change will be in a gradient manner. Along with brightness, the font-weight will also adjust automatically. The boldness of the text will adjust accordingly with time.

4. Focus Mode

We got a feature in Android 9 which helped in limiting our usage through screentime monitoring. In this update, we will get some advanced features to control our display time more easily. We can see the complete usage of a particular app and also how much time we used it. Also, we can set time for using a particular app.

A new feature added in MIUI 12 is the focus mode, It works exactly like zen mode of Oxygen OS. Therefore, on enabling this feature you will not be able to use the phone for a set amount of time, except for answering incoming calls. You can use this feature to concentrate on your other tasks.

5. Light Mode

The light mode feature used to be available in the older versions of MIUI but since the new updates, this feature was retired.

The light mode might make a come back in the latest update. This feature is rather very useful for senior citizens. Using the light mode feature, they can use their device with more ease as the complete UI gets converted into a simpler interface. It might also be helpful for those who are new to Android phones.

6. Game Turbo

Talking about a few app-based features, we got Game Turbo 2.0 pre-installed in the system. Game Turbo 2.0 helps in better optimization and smoother gaming experience. With the new game turbo, you get the added functionality of changing the voice to another gender. You can use this feature in games such as Pubg, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile. The new game turbo also provides better privacy.

7. Camera

There are no major updates of the camera, but the design will be minimal now in the latest update. Users can customize the camera layout, in which the customer can set a maximum of 10 functions according to his choice or usability. In the gallery, the user will get a sky filter to change the background sky of pictures. In these filters, the user will be able to record snowfall or rain in the background as a video. A major improvement in video recording is the added capability to change the quality of recorded videos from 1080p to 720p, helpful in reducing the video size drastically.

Release Date and availability 

The MIUI 12 will be released on 27 April in China.

Here is the list of smartphones which are going to get this update

Other features

Apart from the major features, there is no more requirement of an external app to see your sleep pattern. With this feature, you can schedule your sleep and wake up time. The feature will be available in the clock app. In MIUI 12 you can see that what is going on in the background means you can check the app history to see the app usage and can see the time in which the app uses your location, contacts, etc. in the background.

It is difficult to say comment on the overall performance, optimization, and battery backup of MIUI until it is available. There are many system bugs in the stable version of MIUI 11.

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