Soap v/s Hand Sanitizer: Which works better against the Novel Coronavirus?

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Wash hand using soap or sanitizer

As we all know COVID-19 became a global pandemic and it’s a very difficult situation for all of us. Coronavirus has put the whole world in trouble.

Cleaning one’s hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or washing them with shop and water is essential as specified by WHO

We can’t see the Novel Coronavirus with normal eyes.
The main structure of this virus is its genetic material RNA and it is covered by protein layer and lipid bilayer.

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  • Washing hands without soap helps reduce the amount of microbes but does not remove most of the virus and bacteria completely.
  • Therefore using soap becomes far more effective in removing microbes.
  • Soap molecules are pin-shaped with a head that is water-loving and a tail is oil-loving.
pic: molecule of soap
  • Tail part of soap attracted lipid bilayer if virus and soap and water destroyed the virus.
soap molecule destroying virus
  • We have to leave soap in hands for 20 seconds to break the virus.


  • Sanitizer should contain 60% alcohol to be effective but the sanitizer can’t beat soap.
  • Alcohol does not come in contact with all parts of the hand.
  • Regular use of sanitizer is harmful to the skin.
  • Alcohol destroys the protein layer of the virus.
  • In comparison of sanitizer, soap is more effective unlike water alcohol run does not remove the dead viruses from the hands.

Bottom Line

Both are effective but soap is better than sanitizer. So whenever you are home from travel you should use sanitizer. On a regular basis, you should use soap rather than sanitizer.

World health organization:

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