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Google Is Making The Smart Debit Card

Google already has its own online payment app named google pay, and now Google is working on its physical payment system which is known as a smart debit card. The search engine company Google is testing branded smart debit card, which will help customers for payment in the online store as well as offline.

TechCrunch report said that the company is making his Google Pay system more strong. This project of Google is the new centerpiece of the current payment system and with the physical debit card. Google will do a partnership with the banks, which can be easily paid like Visa card and MasterCard. Google will provide the option to their customer to do every kind of payment with a single smart debit card.

Customers Will Get A Virtual Card Number

Apple is also providing a similar card. Although Google’s card will work like a physical debit card and on the phone. It will work like a tape-to-pay digital card. It will also offer a virtual card number for online retailers to pay.

The Card Will Be Lock With Mobile App

The interesting feature of the card is, the user can lock the card through the Google Pay app even user could lock the complete account if the card theft or loss. At present, google’s card is looking more secure than the existing debit cards. And also few leaks says that Google can provide offers and discount with the card.

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