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Farmers are protesting against the farm bill.

INDIAN AGRICULTURE ACT 2020, referred to as the farm bill 2020 are three acts that are initiated by the PARLIAMENT OF INDIA in September 2020. On 17th September it was passed in Lok Sabha (lower house) and 20th September in Rajya Sabha (upper house). As the government claims these acts will be very beneficial for many small farmers who are being forced to sell their crops for a cheaper price just to get rid of them and attract private investments too.

As now farmers can sell their crops to anywhere in the country wherever they want and to whom they want according to their will under THE FARMERS AGREEMENT ON PRICE ASSURANCE AND FARM SERVICES ACT, 2020. Also, there is a tax in APMC but under the new act selling outside APMC. There will be no tax of either the central or state and it will also break and vanish all the middlemen, who earlier used to half the profit of farmers.

But according to many intellectual’s these laws will give legal rights to private companies to exploit. The farmers more as many of the farmers are not that educated in our country and are not capable to fight the big firms in legal terms and meanwhile with the passage of time government mandis will pack up.

Farmers are protesting against the farm bill.

From, the past 5 months(9th August) farmers are protesting against the farm bill. In the beginning, they were protesting in the states of Punjab and Haryana. Later when the government didn’t pay much attention, they decided to march to Delhi. The number of borders, including the Kalindi Kunj Border, Singhu border, Jharoda Kalan border, Bahadurgarh border, Kundli border, Chilla border, Tikri Border, and Faridabad border, were blocked by protesters during the protests. On 29 November, the protesters announced that they would block five further points of entry into Delhi, namely Ghaziabad-Hapur, Rohtak, Sonipat, Jaipur, and Mathura. All these blockages have disrupted railway and traffic near Delhi. So far 11 rounds of table discussion have taken place between farmers and the government but no proper solution has been found.

The government stance is very clear that they are in no mood to withdraw the Acts. They are ready to know the opinions and willing to do the changes that are making farmers worry so much. After all of these government got reprimands and hatred from many farmers and their supporters.

This gave a chance to the antagonist to create violence and break the peace of the country. Farmers on 26Th January, Republic Day of India decided to hold a tractor march in Delhi and near its borders. Delhi police allowed the farmers to hold the march but gave them a road map (Hapur road-KGP Expressway) with certain conditions which was agreed by both ( Farmers and Police).

The crowd went violent and gathered near the Delhi Police Headquater at ITO.

All of a sudden the crowd went violent and gathered near the Delhi Police Headquater at ITO. This led to a clash between police personnel and farmers, some on foot and some on tractors with weapons in their hands. Being outnumbered police were forced to use tear gas and were given permission to “Lathi charge” on the violent Crowd.
Both sides had a discussion near old PHQ, but farmers were fully determined to go to Red fort, though police wanted them to stay put. This uplifted the situation and amid the clash, a few farmers were seen driving recklessly, and policemen and farmers scrambled of the way.

All of this situation led to the act of repulsion which provoked many farmers to do mischief and sabotage at Red Fort. Even in one video, it was seen that the Sikh flag was being hosted in Red fort by some goons.
Around 300 barricades, 17 government vehicles, more than 400 police personnel, and many protesters are injured. Even one protester died when a tractor overturned. About 44 FIR’s have been filled and 122 people have been arrested. FIR’s have been registered under the IPC section, attempt to murder, and many others.
Still, Police are trying to identify furthermore people who are responsible for the violence on Republic day.

A few days back, Greta Thunberg who is an environmental activist by mistakenly tweeted a DOC file in her Twitter account named TOOLKIT, in which each and every incident was predefined. How and when all the incidents will take place. Even many famous foreign personalities named Amanda Cerny, Rihanna also tweeted in support of this protest. Now let’s see what government will do in order to optimize the situation and take proper steps ahead in everyone’s interest.

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