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News, Tech May 8, 2020

Match group’s child company Tinder has announced its video call feature in the upcoming time. Tinder is an online dating app where two adults can find each other’s perfect match and they can set the date with between themselves.

On the 5th of May, tinder announced a new upcoming video call feature in their app. And the company said that they will be able to add the feature in the app by the 31st of June. Till now, there is only text feature available in the tinder to communicate between two matching person.

The company is doing hard work to prevent harmful activities, that people can do with this video call feature, like sexual harassment, mental harassment, etc.

In this pandemic time on Tuesday Tinder app made an announcement about its video call feature. It will be available in the app by the end of the third quarter of 2020.

The name of tinder’s parent company is “Match Group”.

The work is in the continue stage even in this Covid-19 time. So the company made an announcement to launch the app by the 31 June.

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