Vishnu Tiwari Case Judgement, Rape-accused Proven Innocent After 20 Years In Prison

News Mar 6, 2021

Vishnu Tiwari, a resident of Lalitpur, acquitted after spending 20 years in jail for rape charges under the SC/ST Act by a girl. Though the Vishnu Tiwari case girl’s name is kept anonymous.

On September 16, 2000, Vishnu Tiwari of Lalitpur was arrested after being accused of a rape charge and after 20 long years, now 43 years old Vishnu Tiwari will be finally able to return back to his home village and family in Silawan village, Uttar Pradesh.
In January, The Allahabad High Court declared Tiwari non-guilty of the rape charge and released him from captivity at the Agra Central Jail.


The Story of Vishnu Tiwari Case Judgement

20 years ago, the then 23-year-old Vishnu was booked and arrested under the SC/ST Act for rape and atrocities. 3 years later the Lalitpur Court convicted Vishnu Tiwari under Section 376, 506 of IPC for rape, and was awarded 10 years imprisonment. But the worries of Vishnu didn’t end there and he was further sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted under Section 3 (1) (7), 3 (2) (5) of the SC/ST Atrocities Act.

The Vishnu Tiwari case girl who lodged the rape charge against him was from the same village and accused him of assaulting her when she was on her way to work.

After being released from Agra Central Jail, Vishnu Tiwari decided to take an overnight bus to his home village in Lalitpur District of Uttar Pradesh.
When questioned by the media, Mr. Tiwari expressed his misery-
“ I have been in jail for 20 years. Both my body and family are now broken ”


Vishnu Tiwari vs State of UP

The Allahabad High Court made some observations while acquitting Mr. Tiwari of the charges.
“The medical team neither found any sperm on the woman nor the doctor noted any sign of forced insertion” the High Court observed.

“Also though the woman had accused him of gagging and trashing her for at least 10 minutes, she shows no internal or external injuries on her body”, the Court further noted.

Building upon its previous observations, the court added how there were several contradictions in the victim’s and witnesses’ reports. Although The High Court reprimanded the police and the state while delivering the judgment, we could not ignore the fact that an innocent man lost 20 years of life for a crime he did not commit.


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