WandaVision Episode 9 The Finale Recap And Explained

Entertainment Mar 5, 2021

Hello my fellow MCU fans. The final episode of  Disney Plus’s WandaVision season 1 just dropped today and in this post, we will be doing a recap of  WandaVision season 1, episode 9.

Brief Summary Of WandaVision Episode 8

The last episode gave us a brief look at the past life of Agatha; how she was once attacked by a coven of witches in Salem, 1693, for practicing dark arts, and how Agatha killed them all. Now in the present timeline, Agatha confronts Wanda and learns about the magical abilities granted to her by the mind stone when she was a kid. Agatha even concludes that Wanda is able to control magic far more powerful than normal, which she dubs the “Chaos Magic” and her the “Scarlet Witch”. Wanda, in a fit of rage, constructs a house, a town, and a new version of Vision. In a bonus mid-credits scene, we see Director Haywards somehow able to reactive the original vision back to life.

Now, Back to WandaVision Episode 9 The Finale Recap

Wanda and Vision being cute

The episode starts with Agatha going on a monologue about how she is the most powerful witch in the world and how she takes away other witches’ magic who are unworthy of wielding it. Wanda, now done with Agatha’s talking, decides to send a car flying towards Agatha from across the street.  

Now Agatha follows Wanda to the center of Westview town and releases the people from the spell of Wanda. The citizens of Westview, now free from Wanda’s Hex, encircles Wanda complaining how they haven’t slept or seen their loved ones. The people also complain about how they can feel Wanda’s pain vividly. Wanda, now feeling guilty for their misery, begins to dismantle the Hex(magic) she had placed over Westview. But in doing so, the magical constructs of her husband Vision, and her children begin to fade out of existence. 

Wanda, now faced with a choice whether to let the Hex be in place and save her family or to remove the hex from the town and let the people live in reality. In the end, Wanda chooses her family and places the town under her Hex.

Agatha and Wanda have a final battle across the sky. Wanda sends them both back to 1693 Salem. Now in the past, Wanda tries to send the witches after Agatha from whom Agatha stole the powers. But Agatha was able to turn the table and somehow sends the hoards of witches back at Wanda. In a last-ditch attempt, Wanda uses her power to defeat the witches but in doing so, she exhausted all her remaining energy.

Agatha seizing the opportunity finally sucked all of Wanda’s powers. But Agatha was not able to realize that they both were fighting in a construct created by Wanda and as per the rules of magic, “In a given space, only the witch that casts them can use her magic”. Wanda now in full control takes back all of her powers as well as the powers of Agatha and locks her into the body of her neighbor Agnes.

Wanda vs Agatha

The WandaVision Episode 9 The Finale Ending Explained

Wanda and Vision family photo

After all the fighting and magic came to an end, Vision finally convinces Wanda that it is finally time to accept reality. Wanda puts her kids to bed and kisses them goodbye for the last time. Wanda and Vision go downstairs to spend their final moments together. Wanda and Vision tell how much they love each other. As the Hex begins to end, everything starts to fade away, including Vision and the Kids. Before the Hex came to an end, Wanda tells Vision that they will say hello again. As the Hex reaches the end, Wanda is left standing on the empty lot that Vision bought for them. And this how the finale of WandaVision Episode 9 ended.

Vision starts to fade away

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