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Economics, India, News, World Mar 9, 2021
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Today, the Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the ‘Maitri Setu’ bridge connecting India with Bangladesh through video conferencing.

“The opening of the Maitri Setu Tripura bridge between India and Bangladesh is a strong testimony of Bangladesh’s unfettering support to India and their commitment to strengthen connectivity in South Asia”, said the Bangladeshi Prime Minister in a video conference.
PM Sheikh Hasina further emphasized the importance of efficient connectivity across the two countries, especially for Northeast India.

She stated that the Maitri Setu Feni river bridge will be a great addition to enhance the subpar connectivity between Northeast India and Bangladesh.

Maitri Setu bridge between India and Bangladesh will be the new trade corridor: PM Modi

Maitri Setu bridge image
Maitri Setu bridge Sheikh Hasina and PM MOdi

Along with inaugurating the new bridge between India and Bangladesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also inaugurated other infrastructural projects through the video conference.
PM Modi while highlighting the importance of the new bridge between Tripura and Bangladesh said that the “Maitri Setu” will prove to be very important in strengthening the cultural as well as commercial ties between Northeast India and Bangladesh.
“This will be the new trade corridor between India and Bangladesh”, PM Modi said in the video conference.

Here Are Some Of The Highlights Of The Maitri Setu India Bangladesh Bridge

Q. What does the name “Maitri Setu” mean?

A. The name ‘Maitri Setu’ literally means the Friendship bridge and is meant to serve as a symbol of friendship between India and Bangladesh.

Q. What is the Maitri Setu bridge location?

A. Maitri Setu bridge location is in the Northeastern state of Tripura and will join Sabroom in South Tripura to Ramgarh in Bangladesh.

Q. Maitri Setu located on which river?

A. It is built upon the Feni River, which flows between Tripura and Bangladesh’s boundary.

Q. How long is the Maitri Setu India Bangladesh bridge?

A. The India-Bangladesh bridge is nearly 1.9 Kilometers long.

Q. What was the cost of the construction of Maitri Setu Tripura bridge?

A. The construction of the Bangladesh-India bridge took over 5 years at a projected cost of 133 Crore INR, according to as taken up by the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd

Q. What will be the advantage of the Maitri Setu Feni bridge location being in Northeast India?

A. The India Bangladesh Maitri Setu bridge will not only ease the movement of people and goods across the two countries but will also create new opportunities both in the North-East states and in Bangladesh as the New trade corridor.

Q. Where is the Maitri Setu bridge image?

Q. Where can i read more about Maitri Setu PIB post and Maitri Setu Bridge Wikipedia?

You can read more details about it in the Maitri Setu PIB’s website here as well as the Maitri Setu Wikipedia

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