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Secretary Health Ministry

Corona Situation Worsens In Recent Times, Punjab Not Doing Enough Tests: Health Ministry

The Ministry of Health has become active after the continuous rise in coronavirus infection in the country. The Ministry of Health said today that in states and union territories were cases of coronavirus infection are increasing, the investigation needs to be expedited. Punjab is neither able to do a sufficient number of investigations nor is it able to send people infected with the coronavirus to isolated habitat immediately.

It has been said by the government that Delhi was taken as one district out of the 10 districts most affected by Covid-19. Eight such districts are from Maharashtra.

The government asked the states facing an increase in cases of coronavirus infection to increase the number of inquiries by focusing on RT-PCR, isolating the infected people immediately, detecting the people who came in contact with the infected people. , Healthcare-related resources should be strengthened. The Health Ministry admitted that the Covid-19 situation has worsened in recent times, which is a cause for great concern.

The government said that 11,064 samples were ‘genome sequencing‘, 807 samples found a redesign of the coronavirus found in Britain, 47 samples found the South African form of the virus and one sample found the Brazilian version of the virus.

The government said that ‘covaxine‘ and ‘covishield‘ are effective against the new form of SARS-Cove-2 found in Britain and Brazil. Action is continuing against the South African form of the virus. Telangana topped the chart with 48.39 percent in terms of the dose of anti-Covid-19 given in private hospitals, followed by Delhi with 43.11 percent. Let us tell you that 56,211 more people have been confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus in the last 24 hours in India.

With this, the total number of Covid-19 JDs in the country has increased to 1,20,95,855. During this period, 271 more patients have died due to infection due to which the total number of people who lost their lives in the country has increased to 1,62,114.