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The History, Addiction, And Tradition Of Tattoos

Tattoos are the latest and coolest trend in India, it would not be wrong to say that nowadays the craze of tattoo is at its peak in the fashion world. The younger generation has become interested in tattooing the unique types of tattoos on different parts of their body, to make a different identity in the crowd. Although it is believed that young blood is very hot, but these youngsters also prove this in the form of their tattoo quotations and designs.

 Life Extension Of Tattoo.

 Well, there are a lot of tattoos designs as per your wish and your budget, but at present, tattoos are also denoting expansion. This tattoo suggests that life is yet to be lived.

 Addiction to Tattoo.

 The trend of saying your heart with the help of tattoos is nowadays, we can call it the latest fashion.  For the younger generation, it has become an addiction.  But the history of tattoos that we are going to tell you is centuries old.  Fashion, which was today a practice, was a necessity.

 Old Tradition Of Tattoo.

Though now looking at social media and television, you might think to get tattoos are a modern-day trend young and hip people are into. But after reading its history, you might be persuaded to change your mind.

 During The Slavery Process.

During the slavery era, the slave owners gave their slaves a specific tattoo. It was done a sign of acknowledgment that the slave belongs to a particular owner. For the slaves the tattoo was more than just ink on their skin, it became a part of the slaves, it became their identity.

Tattoos in India.

 Permanent tattoos in India, also called this trends is tattooing, it has a long history. In South India, permanent tattoos were called Pachkutrathu. Some of the tattoos were very common in Tamil Nadu before the 1980s. In India, tattoos were a sign of people belonging to different tribes. In the old period, people of different castes and tribes got tattooed for their identity.

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