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PM Modi`s Warning Against “Foreign Destructive Ideology” and “Andolan Jivi Groups” in Rajya Sabha.

Modi Warns Andolan Jivi
PM Modi says that now a days some paid peoples started involving themselves in every protest.

Modi says that there are some people born in this country just to protest, no matter what the protest is. This group of people involves in a student protest, lawyers protest, farmers protest to just inflame the protest without knowing even 1% about the whole protest. PM Modi named such groups “Andolan Jivi”. (Andolan Jivi means the people who can`t survive if they do not involves in Andolan)

What are the reasons for doing this?

  • The very first reason is Publicity. Yes, some people do this activity to just get attention from the public and after that, they start their political journey. There are many people who planted their political tree on the land of protest.
  • “Money” is the second main reason for performing such activity. Peoples get paid for participating and inflaming the protest by some other political parties.
  • Without knowing the fact some people participate to just support their favorite political parties.

In this speech, PM stated that such Andolan Jivi groups misguide the normal people, and the innocent people got misguided by them. PM requested to the citizens to not get misguided by them and to identify such groups who reached everywhere and push their ideology towards the innocent people.

According to PM what is the “New FDI”?

PM mentioned some “New FDI” in his speech in Rajya Sabha. Indirectly PM indicated the celebrities of other countries as “New FDI” who are posting the things on social media to just inflame the protest with no sense. In this speech PM said that the meaning of “New FDI” is “Foreign Destructive Ideology”. We have seen that nowadays foreign celebrities are taking more interest in India`s internal matter.

What is the reason behind the celebrities of other counties taking more interest in India`s internal matter?

These celebrities want nothing but just their fan following. They thought that doing this will make them more popular in the world or it will increase their followers on social media. Accept this, some of them are doing this to ruin the image of India in the world. Similarly, If you can Gretta tried to ruin the image by continues posting about Farmers Protest, but by mistake, she also uploaded the tool kit in which it is already mentioned what is going to happen in India on 26th Jan, which indicates that this was pre-planned by some organization.

But finally, the Indian government clearly stated that “No one is allowed to interfere in our internal matter. We will handle it.

Indian Government asks Twitter to remove 1178 accounts!

The government asks Twitter to remove those 1178 accounts which are promoting Farmers Protest from Khalistan or Pakistan because these countries only want to inflame the protest. Such people don`t really want to help our farmers. They are spreading hate from their posts. With this PM also appeals to the citizens to ignore such negative posts spreading by the peoples of other counties.

What PM Modi said to the farmers?

PM Modi appealed to the farmers to end the agitation, the government will remove the lacunae of the farm bill. The government is making the market better for the farmer so they can earn more with their productivity. He also said that farmers no need to be worried about MSP, it will be there forever. He said that the opposition is only promoting their false agenda by sending these Andolan Jivi, before the bill they were saying to improve the market for farmers and after the bill, they are creating the false image of this bill for their personal benefits.

PM Modi warns “Andolan Jivi”

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