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comparision between flutter and react native

Flutter vs React Native: which one is better in 2020

Nowadays there is a huge competition between Flutter and React Native in the market, both frameworks are used to develop cross-platform mobile app development. In other words, you need to write the code only once and it can be used to develop apps for iOS as well as Android.

While some programmers suggest Flutter, others recommend React Native as the better option for the future. But the question still remains, which should we choose for ourselves? And in which framework should we start the mobile application development? Normally, we cannot decide directly that React Native will be better or Flutter will be better. Thus, we are going to compare both of them on the basis of the following criteria.

  1. Launch Date
  2. Performance
  3. Hot Reload
  4. Component
  5. Language
  6. Documentation
  7. Native Look
  8. Industry Adoption
  9. Community Support
  10. State Management
  11. Choice

1.Launch Date

React Native released in the first quarter of the year 2015. The initial release of React Native was on March 26, 2015, and now the React Native is completely stable.

On the other hand, Flutter released in the second quarter of the year 2017. The initial release of Flutter was in May 2017, and it is also completely stable now.

In terms of release, React Native takes the lead since it came first and got the advantage of community support.

2. Performance

When it comes to performance, Flutter takes the point. React Native leverages the power of JavaScript for bridging with the native components while Flutter avoids the bridge to interact with the native components. For this reason, Flutter is the winner here.

CPU-intensive test for iOS (credit-https://medium.com/swlh/flutter-vs-native-vs-react-native-examining-performance-31338f081980)
CPU-intensive test for android (credit-https://medium.com/swlh/flutter-vs-native-vs-react-native-examining-performance-31338f081980)

So here the clear winner is Flutter in terms of speed and performance.

3. Hot Reload

Both Flutter and React Native supports Hot Reload functionality. Hot Reloading basically gives you the functionality to keep the app running while you can inject new versions of the files that you edited at runtime. That means you can make changes in the app and show them on the mobile when you are debugging the app.

Therefore, it is a stalemate. Since both Flutter and react-native support Hot Reload.

4. Component

On the basis of component, Flutter comes slightly on top here. React Native uses third-party components whereas Flutter comes with all its components. Using third-party components might be better for the side projects or for a company but in long terms, programmers will mostly prefer Flutter.

Therefore, Flutter comes on top of React Native but only by a little.

5. Language

Now choosing a language can be a bit tough. Where Java might be better for someone and python might be better for another.

First, let’s talk about React Native, It uses JavaScript to develop a mobile application. On the other hand, Flutter uses dart as the programming language. But here the choice can vary from person to person. For someone, JavaScript might be super easy whereas for someone dart might be. But in the coding industry, almost every programmer is familiar with JavaScript.

If we talk about language then there no one is a clear winner but React Native can be called more favorable since it uses JavaScript. There is a huge community of JavaScript programmers so it will be easy for them to switch mobile development. Dart is also a super easy language but, learning a new language can be a little difficult.

6. Documentation

The documentation of Flutter is really amazing and simple. On the other hand, React Native doesn’t provide the best documentation, and programmers have to rely on third-party documentation. But it doesn’t mean that Flutter is the winner. Sometimes it can be confusing to use the validator and forms in Flutter. While Flutter can be complex and confusing at times, the documentation certainly helps the programmers to understand the things better. All things considered, Flutter comes out on top by a small margin.

7. Native Look

Native look refers to the appearance of your app and how closely it resembles your default operating system(iOS or Android).

Out of React Native and Flutter, React Native looks more closer to an operating system. That means components such as widgets, buttons, and seek bar of the app will look similar to default widgets, button, seek bar of iOS and Android.

As noted above, React Native looks more native than Flutter. As a result, React Native wins this round.

8. Industry Adoption

While some say the industry is adopting Flutter, others say the industry is adopting React Native. Many companies have started using Flutter but a huge industry is still choosing React Native to develop apps.

If some industry is thinking of moving from native app to cross-platform, then flutter is more preferable that the two as it is faster to build even from scratch. And also the bridging mechanism in react native makes it complicated to use device hardware. For this reason, Flutter is preferred for any apps using device hardware.

Here, in the criteria of industry adoption React Native is slightly better. Because the industry prefers to use React Native than Flutter yet.

9. Community Support

Without any doubt, the React Native has bigger community support in the market. Google is doing hard work to make larger community support for the Flutter. React Native takes advantage here because of the early launch, React Native came early in the market so that the developer adopts the React Native. It doesn’t mean that Flutter has no community support, the community around Flutter is rising day by day and is doing great. But still, React Native has a larger community support than Flutter.

In terms of community support, React Native wins this.

10. State Management

This is an important thing for a developer, both of those working life cycles and models are based on the state management but still, the state management is not the best in both of them. They can manage all types of state management but it increases the code complexity.

Hence, no one is the winner as both are based on state management. But that’s the reason, that developers still love to use Redux for State Management. Redux is fully supported by React Native as well as Flutter. 

11. Choice

This is last but not the least. It is most important amongst all these criteria. It is important to choose the framework in which you are interested.

Bottom Line

I hope you got an idea and all your doubts are clear by now. In the end, what matters the most is that you choose the one in which you are more comfortable, it can be either React Native or Flutter. But remember, choose the option in which you are comfortable to code with.

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Abhigya Anand

A little kid Abhigya, who had already predicted the coronavirus? : Truth behind the statement

Nowadays the news is spreading too much about a little kid who is only 14 years old, the name is Abhigya. Many people are spreading the news on social media about his statement, that he had predicted coronavirus in 2019, and also he had given us a remedy to fight against corona. The remedy is to Stay Home. The little kid presents him as an astrologer. This all was fine but the question arises here that, Is he really correct? Did he already do the prediction about the coronavirus in June 2019? So here our team took it seriously and we did a little research on this statement by Abhigya( a 14-year-old kid).

Who is Abhigya?

Abhigya’s full name is Abhigya Anand and he is from  Karnataka, India and he is only 14-years old. Abhigya claims to be an astrologer. By the way, Abhigya is a Youtuber having 726K subscribers on youtube. A little kid Abhigya channel name is “Conscience” and it is an educational youtube channel by the kid. A little boy of 14 is spreading knowledge on youtube which is a great thing. He is doing amazing, we appreciate the kid. All things are amazing but there is a video on Abhigya’s channel which is almost about a year old. In that video the boy told about the prediction of the pandemic.

Prediction of the kid Astrologer

On 22 August 2019, there was a video uploaded on the “Conscience” channel on YouTube. The video was uploaded on Abhigya’s YouTube channel has been watched more than 5 Million times. It is about 20 minutes and 52 seconds of video. In the video, In that video the kid is telling us that there is a big danger for the world between November 2019 to April 2020. Abhigya has given the reason for these claims to Saturn, Dragon tail and Venus planets.

at that time all people make a joke about that statement. But now this video is spreading on social media that the kid was telling the truth and he is right or on the other hand few people are opposing that statement.

Predictions of Abhigya in a list

  1. There is a 99% possibility of war between Pakistan and India
  2. The prices of gold, silver and oil will increase a lot at that time
  3. Us-Iran war will erupt

In that 20 minutes and 42 seconds video, There is a talk about the war between November 2019 and April 2020 not about Coronavirus or any other pandemics.

Actual facts behind the prediction

So here we take a step ahead and see the actual facts in sequence behind the predictions.

  1. 99% of the chance of war between India and Pakistan claims to be false. There are no war situations between the two countries from November 2019 to April 2020. Yes, there have been incidents of ceasefire violations and somehow that is common between India and Pakistan. So the statement resulted wrong.
  2. According to the statement, the prices of gold, silver, and oil will increase a lot. But It is clear that any war affects the economy. This is not the fixed standard, and yes the economy got in trouble due to this pandemic but it is natural. And the statement about the oil resulted totally false. As we all know that, there is a huge decrement in the price of crude oil, prices have fallen drastically.
  3. In the third statement, the kid said that the war will erupt between Iran and US. But in between those countries haven’t erupted war since November 2019 to today. Yes, it is true that there is a rift between those countries since at the beginning of 2019. But the rift was continuing since before the video got uploaded. So it is also not a true statement.


We are not saying anything about the belief of people on astrology, it is the personal choice of every person. Yes personally, we do not believe in astrology but it doesn’t mean that another can’t.

But it is completely wrong to relate this video with this pandemic, because first of all the kid didn’t say anything about the Coronavirus or any other virus. And there is not even a single statement in that video which can prove it scientifically.

Bottom line

The prediction of Abhigya Anand on 22 August 2019 resulted completely wrong. He didn’t even mention Coronavirus or any other pandemic. Stay home, stay safe.  

YouTube Learning Channel

YouTube Learning Destination: YouTube Channel From Google

In this pandemic time, Google has been launched its YouTube Learning destination to help students, educators to find high-quality content from Educational focused creators on YouTube. The Channel has been available on YouTube since 16 March. In this platform you can learn quality content, and they are in a more interesting way.

There are more than 1.5 million schools in India and more than 360 million enrollments. They all are closed due to this pandemic COVID-19, all are at home. According to the current situation the teachers can’t physically teach the students. So here is the YouTube learning destination, where the students can get all quality content regarding their interest, there are separate playlists for each subject so that students can choose the subject according to their interest.

YouTube learning is providing content in Hindi and English. The other Indian languages including Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Telugu are coming soon. The destination is providing the contents regarding physics, chemistry, English, Hindi, etc. Google claims that there are contents ranging from physics to filmmaking, which is amazing for those who are passionate and want to learn some things in these stay home days.

YouTube learning platform is accessible in mobile phones as well as computers.

In this time those who are curious to study new things, and interested in knowing interesting stuff. Google’s YouTube Learning Destination by Google makes it easier.

So whether you want to learn something, curious about new topics, or preparing for a test. The YouTube learning destination can be the perfect place for those who want to learn. Stay Home, Stay Safe. 

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