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YouTube Learning Destination: YouTube Channel From Google

In this pandemic time, Google has been launched its YouTube Learning destination to help students, educators to find high-quality content from Educational focused creators on YouTube. The Channel has been available on YouTube since 16 March. In this platform you can learn quality content, and they are in a more interesting way.

There are more than 1.5 million schools in India and more than 360 million enrollments. They all are closed due to this pandemic COVID-19, all are at home. According to the current situation the teachers can’t physically teach the students. So here is the YouTube learning destination, where the students can get all quality content regarding their interest, there are separate playlists for each subject so that students can choose the subject according to their interest.

YouTube learning is providing content in Hindi and English. The other Indian languages including Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Telugu are coming soon. The destination is providing the contents regarding physics, chemistry, English, Hindi, etc. Google claims that there are contents ranging from physics to filmmaking, which is amazing for those who are passionate and want to learn some things in these stay home days.

YouTube learning platform is accessible in mobile phones as well as computers.

In this time those who are curious to study new things, and interested in knowing interesting stuff. Google’s YouTube Learning Destination by Google makes it easier.

So whether you want to learn something, curious about new topics, or preparing for a test. The YouTube learning destination can be the perfect place for those who want to learn. Stay Home, Stay Safe. 

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