Simlipal National Park Fire In Odisha, Wildfire Extinguished Due To Heavy Rain

Everyone was disturbed by the fire in Simlipal National Park fire in Odisha. The fire was continuously increasing. A team of experts from the center also reached Odisha. The fire could not be controlled. Forest personnel was engaged in extinguishing the fire 24 hours a day and night. After all, God rained and could extinguish the fire.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan met Prakash Javadekar on the incident of arson in New Delhi, 10 March (H.S.). Union Minister of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar on Wednesday set up a team of experts to help control fires in Odisha’s Simlipal National Park. This three-member team of experts will soon leave for Odisha.

The team includes Dr. Amit Malik, Inspector General of Forests of National Tiger Conservation Authority, Subrata Mahapatra from Bhubaneswar office, and Aarti Chaudhary, Chief of Forest Promotion (Silviculture). According to the Ministry of Forests, Environment, and Climate, the team of experts will review the damage to forest wealth and fauna from the fire in the national park and provide technical advice on fire control measures. The committee will also review the exact status of the fire daily.

This team of the Center will return to the fire at Simlipal in Odisha only after controlling it. Let us know that in view of the incidents of arson in the forests of Odisha on Wednesday itself, Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan met Union Forest and Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar. The forest minister assured him to take appropriate steps on this subject. The fire has been underway for ten days, nearly 3 thousand types of vegetation are under threat due to fire in the Simlipal forest of Odisha for 10 days.

Simlipal Forest is a national park spread over 1060 square meters. It is also a tiger reserve. The park is particularly famous for red silk cotton trees. There are 94 types of orchids in the forest of Simlipal. There are also 264 types of birds and 42 types of mammals in the park.

Simlipal’s Forest And Its Types Of Trees

This forest is the home of the Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, Gaur, Chausingha, and many other animals also. Apart from this, this park is also known for its beautiful waterfalls like Joranda and Beripani Falls. In 2009, it was declared as the World Network of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Efforts are being made to extinguish the fire in the park for the last 10 days. According to the news of Indian Express, a total of 399 fire points have been identified in Bib Park. Located at the end of the Eastern Ghats, this park is particularly famous for red silk cotton trees. It is named after these trees, which grow in this area.

In the forest of Simlipal, 3000 types of trees and plants of which 94 types of orchids are found alone. Apart from this, there are 12 types of animals that can live on water and land, 29 types of reptiles, 264 types of birds, and 42 types of mammals in this national park.

Prayer To God For More And More Rain

Everyone gets so much pleasure from this rain that it is impossible to describe it in words. The viral video is a testimony to this enthusiasm. The forest officer is heard in the video thanking God. She is saying loudly to God ‘May God rain too much. We still need rain.

This Video Is Going Viral On Social Media

Currently, this video is going viral on social media. All these showed the hard work of the forest staff and their love for the forest. This video was first posted by Dr. Couple Kishore Mohanato.

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