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Why World Book Day is celebrated on Shakespeare’s death anniversary?

There is a popular saying, “There is nobody in this world who hasn’t heard the name William Shakespeare”. This is false because I asked my parents whether they know him and they don’t. And I never promote fake news. But what I do promote is good article writing and a healthy lifestyle.

In this article, we are going to talk about the man himself-William Shakespeare. No matter how much you talk about him it won’t be enough. So many people have been inspired by his poems and plays. The countless number of arts made on the backbone of Shakespeare’s plays. The young and old or man and female, Shakespeare’s works are not bound by the chains of any discrimination.

Shakespeare wrote 35 plays and over 200 poems

Before bidding the world his final goodbye on 23 April 1564. This great poet, writer, and playwright penned more than thirty-five plays and over two hundred poems in his lifetime. Many have been translated into different languages of the world and have reached uncountable households and bookshelves. To commemorate his excellent life, UNESCO declared his death anniversary as World Book Day from 1995 onwards. The Indian Government followed suit in 2001.

William Shakespeare

 Started by UNESCO on 23 April 1995


When UNESCO decided to celebrate to start World Book Day. Their intention behind this was to create a culture of learning and create a love for reading among the children and the adults alike. The journey of reading has been evolving according to the times. Before, the books were heavy and bulky to carry and now one can carry a plethora of books in a tiny kindle.

 Literature distributed on the eve of Book Day

During the lockdown in India, government officials and NGOs distributed books to children to create an atmosphere of learning and growing in the times of trouble. India has been under lockdown for the last two months due to the Coronavirus scare and people need a way to keep themselves engaged and to get rid of boredom.

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