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Someone has told the truth that if you want to understand life well, then tie your things and go out for a walk.  By the way, let us tell you that our ancestors used to be wandering and they traveled the world to eat and live.  Then later as civilization developed, humans started living in the same place.  But today the time has changed, now a person wants to stay in one place, but the whole world wants to roam. Today, walking and walking has become a great career option.  Every year millions of people in the world go to many parts of the world.  Travel and tourism can be a great career option for you if you also have a hobby to roam and roam.  According to news, India’s travel market will reach $ 48 billion by 2020.  Therefore, many opportunities for jobs will be available in the coming time in this field.  The Incredible India campaign has caught the attention of the entire world towards India.  Because of which every man of the world wants to come to India philosophy.

 How can we come in this field

If you are also fond of traveling and traveling, then this can be a great career option for you.  To get into this field, you must have command on any foreign language or English language.  Also, your communication skills should also be good.  It is important to get into nature by quickly mingling with unknown people and making friends with them.  Also, you should have a good grasp on travel and geography.  Knowledge of history, culture, architecture, etc. is also necessary.

Job Profile

 People who work in travel and tourism, they have to do much travel-related work like, travel planner, tour planner, travel, as well as how is the weather of the place where the client is going to visit,  What arrangements will be made to stay there, what are the spots to visit there, do work like ticket booking, hotel booking, and taxi booking.

You will get a job here after taking the course.

 After doing a professional course, you can gain experience through an internship in a travel agency or travel company.  Nowadays many travel companies like Make My Trip,, have come, you can take training in one of these.  Although initially, you do not get much money, after a little experience you are recruited in these companies.  After a few years of experience in this field, you can also start your own travel agency.

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