Dear mind stop over thinking please!. I am not in a position to think anything straight. My dear mind help me forget all the bad old things. Help me to get all the negativity of my life out of my mind. My mind is a trap and my thoughts are chains. I do not know what’s peace, I do not know what’s rest. I follow the words of my mind…. not heart. I thought my heart and mind is on a war. Its surely the dead one I think .I have come quite far my mind and thought. I will never be stuck in my mind. My mind just found peace. Some roads I have to take alone, no family, no friends, no partner, only me and my god, because I want to know the power of my mind. My mind is not a dustbin to keep anger, hatred and jealousy. I want freedom for my mind but, just fill my mind with positive thoughts. I balance my mind with my thoughts. Limits exist only in my mind. My mind is full of noise, of chaos and unheard voice, hard to tolerate, as no other choice. Suffering inside ache, don’t know what’s the mistake, lack of strength and smiling fake. But have to face with patience and pace, not only now but again, may be with more space, light is important even in the burning mind. It’s hard to sleep when my heart is at war with my mind. If I could read my mind i would be in tears. I feel that the whole problem lies in our minds only because people fill their mind with unnecessary thoughts. My mind has never grown old, I have to cultivate my thoughts every moment. Nothing to think and write today, my mind is blank because my mind is full of sadness and negative things. I tried hard to forget the all old and bad things, I tried hard to write but I could not. I will not give up, I will keep trying. The more you concentrate on your inner self the less you will be affected by the external happenings. In this hectic world , if a person wants something in the midst of his/her busy schedule, it is peace and the only key of finding peace is meditation. I thought that peace would give me pleasure but it gave me a lot of pleasure. I believe and I fully trust that nothing in life is more important apart from our peace of mind. My mind is never stop thinking, my mind never stop Grambling and I always play with my words. I always play with my imagination. My mind never sleeps my thoughts. My mind never sleeps with my passion. I gossips with my every single word and my gossips with my signature lines. Dear mind, i always feel you and I know the wave of mixed emotions which is flowing inside me. I understand sometimes you feel bad, powerless and confused. Please don’t think unnecessary things, you are strong enough. Dear mind I want you to trust me, I won’t let you down, I am here for guiding you. It’s okay to be happy, sad tearful, angry, these all are emotions and are part of  the journey of our life.

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