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Cyber ​​Security Threats

Cyber ​​Security Threats and Its Types

A cybersecurity threat is a malicious act to access, steal or damage data. Cyber attacks can come in a variety of forms that can be devastating to an individual, a business, and society as a whole. Some examples of cybersecurity threats are malware, data breaches, phishing attacks, and computer viruses, etc. 

Types of Cyber Security Threats

There are several types of Cyber Security Threats. Here are some types of Cyber Security Threats-

What is spoofing?

This is a way in which the attacker makes unauthorized access to your computer or server, in which the attacker sends a message to the computer network and you feel that someone has sent it, the attacker changes the IP address, the use of spoofing is mostly due to DDOS. The full form of DDOS is the Distributed Denial of Service Attack, this is an attack on any website or server in the world of the Internet by which a website is downed or closed.

Here, when an attacker hacks a website, he operates that website or closes it, then if a user wants to access that website, then that site shows Unavailable, all these works are not done by a single hacker, for this, there is a whole team who together carry out DDoS Attack, in which the attacker is very Sends all the spoofed IP addresses to the server or computer, which brings a lot of traffic to the computer, which your computer cannot handle. In Spoofing, the attacker sends you a mail that looks exactly like an email, and a link is given to it. As soon as you click on that link, Virus comes into your computer or server.

What is Hacking?

Nowadays the demand for computers and smartphones has increased so much that people cannot do their work without using them, whether you work in a company or have a business, you need both these things, you have heard about Cybercrime. This will be a crime in which hackers steal essential information and personal files from other people’s computers or smartphones and blackmail them and place a demand for money or you can also put your personal information on the Internet. A person doing hacking is called a hacker and he has a lot of knowledge about computers.

In hacking, the hacker finds such an entry point in the computer from where he can enter the computer, the purpose of hacking is to harm a computer or to extract specific information from the computer, we can see hackers in two ways. There are some hackers who do hacking for good work and they do no harm to anyone, we call them White Hat Hackers and there are some hackers who use hacking to harass others or their essential files to their system. To steal from them, they are called Black Hat Hackers.

What is Cracking?

Cracking is a technique by which it is done to break the computer’s software or completely destroy the system, it is similar to hacking. Cracking is a very big crime. To do this, the thief breaks the locks, in the same way, the cracker also cracks the programs and accounts of the computer. There are three types of cracking, password cracking, software cracking, network cracking, cracking is done for those software’s which we either use in any store buy from, or buy online Hacker breaks the codes of that software and activates that software through Illegal without paying, this software is also called Pirated Software.

What is Phishing?

The name of Phishing itself suggests that just as you are talking about fishing in a pond, just as a fish is caught by putting something in the pond, in the same way, a mail, or message is sent to you in the computer so that a hacker will be able to access your computer. Or to extract your information from the smartphone, Phishing is a cybercrime in which getting information about your important information like banking, credit/debit card details, password, etc. is called Phishing.

In this, you are called or messaged by any bank or by any legitimate organization but they have not really come from them, they are fake. Phishing is a type of social engineering attack which is often used to steal user’s data. Phishers use social media sites and email to get someone’s information and from here they extract your personal details like your name, work history, about your hobbies, there are five types of Phishing –

  1. Spear Phishing,
  2. Whaling Attack,
  3. Pharming Attacks,
  4. Voice Phishing
  5. SMS Phishing

What Is Spam?

With the increasing use of computers and mobile devices, more things are heard, if you use these devices or have an email account, then you must have heard the word Spam. The word Spam means any unwanted e-mails. Even the receiver of these e-mails does not know where they have come from and who sent them, although e-mails are used to give important information, some attackers use them to harass others. To do this, we call the unwanted mails that come to you Spam.

Nowadays the arrival of Spams is common and email companies have put Antispam Program for Security Purpose so that no such mail can go to you and even if they come, a separate folder is created, they go into it under the name Spam, which Sends spam, it is called Spammer, because of Spam-Mails, there are many Frauds nowadays, some people have made it their source of income, they take their personal information by sending wrong emails to people if your system is working properly. So it should be understood that the number of spams in your account is less. The only way to prevent spam from entering your system is to change your password frequently or keep it in such a way that no one can hack it. Some spammers adopt new techniques to enter your emails.

What is Adware?

Adware is a software package that automatically shows any advertisements on the screen piece by piece, it is absolutely free software, when you are doing any work, with the help of adware, you can go to a website. An Internet Connection is needed to run Adware, before installing Adware on your computer, it should be seen whether it is from a good company or not because some Adware works as spyware which can access your computer’s information from the Internet.

Adware reduces the speed of the computer If the speed of your computer is slow, then there may be Adware in your computer. Some software’s are such that with the help of which you can catch Adware in your computer or prevent them from coming like Avast, AVG, etc. Most of the Adware is safe but some are so dangerous that it can be installed on your computer.

What is Rootkit?

Rootkits are usually used to do wrong things, they create a place in the computer where the software is usually not there, the user is not even aware of it, they sometimes take the shape and form of any other software. When you install any software, it gets installed in your computer with that software and the user does not even know that when Rootkit is installed on your computer, then all control on your computer goes to the Attacker, he can extract any of your personal information from your computer and can blackmail you Rootkit Virus is not easily caught by Anti Virus Software, Rootkit Scanner is needed to detect them.

If Rootkit is installed in your computer, then either you have to completely install your operating system, from which all the information of your computer is lost. If your computer has Rootkit then it turns off your Antimalware Protection and if Your computer’s Windows settings are changing automatically, then this is also due to Rootkit Infection, it is made in such a way that it is not easy to catch and remove it. To catch and remove, either you have to completely install your operating system or there is other such software with the help of which you can detect them.

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